What Is The Smartest Dog Breed? The Expert Opinion Is Unique

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The intelligence of dogs is manifested in various ways, often even simply showing a level of understanding of the surprising human language. However, the factors that determine it are many and it is essential to analyse them in general to understand what is the most intelligent dog breed.

One of the most in-depth analysis carried out by the experts is that of neuropsychologist and professor of canine psychology Stanley Coren, who focused on the training as a marker of canine intelligence. In his historical book The Intelligence of Dogs, published in 1994 and regularly revised with new methods of measurement, he defined three key determinants: instinctive intelligence, adaptive intelligence and intelligence of work and obedience. The first refers to the ability to carry out the tasks for which he was raised, the second to the ability to solve problems independently, the third to the ability to learn from humans.

With a series of surveys conducted involving 208 judges of the dog obedience and defense tests carried out in the United States, Coren still manages to determine which dogs are smarter. Think a little bit, the result does not vary since the first edition of the book: the Border Collie is the smartest dog in the world, complicit its learning ability of a huge number of words and commands and its versatility in carrying out works and tasks given by the master

In the Top 5, then, the Barboncino follows, considered among the most reliable especially in pet therapy and in learning commands; the German Shepherd closes the Top 3 thanks to his ability to learn commands after only 5 repetitions, following them

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