What Is This Ice Circle That Formed In A River?

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In a city in the United States, Westbrook, located in Cumberland County in Maine State, was observed a rare natural phenomenon: a (almost) perfect ice circle that was created in the middle of the Presumpscot River of the What happened? How did this incredible frozen form come about?

The phenomenon is “simply” the result of the collision of cold air with mini reels that create a giant circle swirling and frozen in the winter months. The circle was first spotted in 2019 and made another appearance (but much smaller) in 2021. However, now it seems to have returned with more determination (in the meantime in the Arctic ice could melt completely by 2035).

These ice circles were spotted in rivers around the world and one of the first reports of a similar sighting dates back to 1895. How do you create these perfect natural geometric shapes? It all begins when the vortices, which are simple pockets of water moving in the circular direction, within a river freeze and start to turn. The water in the middle of the vortex moves slower and is more likely to freeze.

The ice block is gradually “tamponato” in an almost perfect circle while the current turns it and its edges scrape against rocks and ice. The phenomenon is known by some as “duck joust” because these birds use the platform to relax… around the river.

By the way, you know that an unexpected hole opened in the Arctic?

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