What Is This Strange Creature Found On The Coast Of San Diego?

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A surfer from San Diego was recently the protagonist, despite his own difficulties, of a strange discovery; while he was walking along the shore, he noticed the carcass of a fish with a macabre appearance, almost 30 cm long, which immediately prompted him to alert

David Huff, sea safety sergeant of Encinitas, said that in front of such a creature, a corvino black globular fish with sharp teeth like razors, spiny skin and a strange stem that leans from the

Ben Frable, responsible for collecting marine vertebrates at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography of the UC San Diego, later revealed that what had emerged from the depths of the sea was a Pacific ballfish, an extremely rare species of frog

The creature’s rarity has led to Dr. Frable to preserve it for the institute’s archive, where she was sent immediately for ritual examinations, so that researchers from all over the world can study it in the years to come.

On the other hand, only 31 specimens were collected all over the World, and it was never observed directly in nature. In fact, it is still very little known of this very rare species that lives at a depth between 400 and 1000 meters. Scientists are literally in the dark, not knowing exactly what they eat, how they reproduce or what could drive the movements.

“They are extremely fascinating creatures,” said Frable, “They are much larger and more robust than other species of anglerfish, they have all these ancillary appendages coming out and each of them has strange silver tips. They then have sharp teeth inclined inwards of their mouth, ensuring that what enters can no longer come out. For some, it could really be nightmare stuff.”

These strange finds are not new, in fact there are many creatures that are found every year: like this strange and bizarre creature found on the beach, or like this alien fish from the abyss, found also in Cali

(images and videos of the discovery are present in the NBC source link)

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