What Is Web3 And What Is The Difference From Web 2.0? Metaverse Terms

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In discussions on the increasingly important Metaverse a relatively new term has become broad: web3. Defined by Elon Musk as a \’word for marketing \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ But what exactly is it and what is the difference from our current web2 or Web 2.0?

Nowadays the world is immersed in Web 2.0, as mentioned, i.e. the Internet based on technologies such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript and interactive platforms such as Facebook. It has been in existence since the early 2000s and is becoming increasingly evolved, so much so that it leaves room for a new generation of the World Wide Web called Web 3.0 or Web3.

What are its characteristics? The foundation on artificial intelligence, the expansion of AR/VR-based immersion, the decentralization given by blockchain and cryptocurrencies and, finally, greater transparency and omnipresence of the network and its contents.

The differences between Web3 and Web2 are therefore already evident:

Web 2.0 is purely social, while the third generation focuses on the interconnections between online resources to bring out significant content and relevant resources in an intuitive way; Web 3.0 is decentralized, ergo not governed by a Big Tech oligopoly,

In short, Web3 represents a revolution in progress. When will it be completed? No one knows, but the first steps have already been taken and now we are continuing towards its achievement.

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