What News For Twitter! Emoji Reaction To Tweets, Communities And Tweet Edge-To-Edge

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Twitter in recent months is introducing many interesting news: after changing design and fonts, the managers of Jack Dorsey’s social network have started testing the reactions to tweets and released features as a community, the tweets edge-to- Let’s see them in detail one at a time.

We start from the reactions to tweets, available today only in Turkey for a first phase of testing. The operation is simple: together with the heart button to put the

In a press release also taken from TechCrunch, Twitter said: ♪ Although frustration and anger are also common emotions that people experience during reading Tweets and some people want to express disagreement with Tweets, Users in Turkey can experience this feature on iOS, Android and Web, with a view to its implementation in the United States and then globally in the coming days.

Another new feature is tweets edge-to-edge in tests only for selected accounts on iOS devices. Here too, the operation is simple and you can see it at the bottom of the article in the dedicated tweet: in the future the posts will be shown to full screen on smartphones, bringing the caption above the content and showing the image

The official version of the soft blocking feature follows, which will allow you to remove a user’s follow without warning them, without following the previous method that required blocking the contact and then unlocking it. In doing so, the interested user will always be able to see the tweets of his account but, simply, he will miss the follow-up and, therefore, the display in the personal feed of the posts. This feature is available for global tests only in the browser This novelty follows the already known Safety Mode to avoid trolls.

The last feature is Community or Communities, announced in February and which allows to create a community of people only by invitation. These invitations may only be sent by administrators and moderators of this group and, in turn, the guests may invite five more people at their discretion. This system, as explained by Twitter, is temporary and could see changes following the exit from the test phase on iOS and browser.

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