What Was Stonehenge For? Here’s What Historians Think About It.

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Built in the era of the pyramids, Stonehenge, what historians consider a real miracle of engineering, still hides many secrets today. Historians around the world wonder how it was possible to create something like this and especially why!

There are theories of theories that exist at odds but there are some more accredited than others. Second part of scientific opinion, the place in Wilshire, near Amesbury, England, was used to observe the rays of the sun, which actually illuminate all megaliths exactly during the equinox.

The equinox, which gave rise to a very rare astronomical event in Egypt, indicates the two moments of the year when the sun meets the celestial equator. What characterizes the phenomenon is that in the days when it happens, day and night are the same in all places of the earth.

Another theory is that Stonehenge was used as a place of worship. In fact, 80,000 bones of animals were found nearby, which could involve two things: either the remains of the food of visitors or those of the animals used as sacrifices to the gods.

What we can see today from the archaeological site is only a small fraction of the original set-up in fact the scholars have discovered that digging even several kilometers away there were similar structures related to Stonehenge.

One of the questions that has most intrigued archaeologists, moreover, is the technique by which they were able to transport those heavy megaliths over 20 tons and even up to 7 meters tall.

Researcher David Nash and his team have discovered that those rocks actually come from a nearby area characterized by hills (West Woods) but despite the confirmation we are still not aware how they managed to transport that weight for 25 km.

“Perhaps they were moving the rocks by rolling under trunks,” Nash suggested, other colleagues also think that they may have used sleds but there is no certainty that it did so, it seems only the most logical answer.

Why was this place built? Where did the megaliths come from and how did they last 5,000 years? How did they build it? We found the answer to some of these questions but the others are still wrapped in mystery.

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