What’s The Difference Between Ho And Vodafone? That’s What Changes Between Operators

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Shortly after talking about the offer of Ho from 2.99 Euro per month, we return to talk about the virtual operator license Vodafone that jumped to the fore for its ultra convenient offers that offer bundles including data, minutes and SMS at prices

In reminding you that Ho Mobile is based on Vodafone, but we must make some clarifications.

First, the connection Ho proposed. Mobile stops at 4G Basic, while Vodafone uses 4G+ and, where available, 5G.

As indicated in the official documentation, “upload speed is 30mbps for offers that have a maximum download speed of 30mbps and 52 for those with maximum download speed at 60mbps.” This is in itself an important difference if you need high download and upload speeds. The same applies to 5G: at least at the time we are writing Ho. Mobile has not yet launched any offer for the next generation network.

Ho. Mobile has based its entire commercial offer on transparency and the absence of hidden or additional costs: there are no remodulations of any kind and the price is blocked forever.

In terms of reliability and coverage, however, there are no major differences: based on the Vodafone network, which is one of the best in our country, except for rare exceptions, there are no major disruptions.

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