Whatsapp, Ceo Catchcart Is A River In The Middle: Here Are The Words About Privacy

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A year to say the least complex to manage for WhatsApp, culminated with ProPublica’s report on privacy risks with particularly challenging tones to digest on the alleged vulnerability of encryption.

In fact, the issue is much simpler than you can imagine, as the possibility of analyzing conversations is strictly subject to specific user reports. For this reason, it is not possible to state that Facebook or WhatsApp violin end-to-end encryption at present.

A year marked by the famous policy change problem, a question then resolved with a softer approach that led Whatsapp to reconsider on privacy to continue using the app.

In this context, The Verge’s boys wanted to hear the opinion of Will Catchcart, currently at the helm of Whatsapp and CEO since 2019. On the question raised by ProPublica, the opinion of Catchcart is clear and straightforward. Whatsapp’s CEO says that “we have given people the opportunity to report for a long time. And look, we disagree with the criticism here. If you and I have a private conversation, it’s private [but] doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to complain to someone if I say something that’s bothersome, offensive or dangerous. That’s how the real world works: in the real world, two people can have a private conversation and then one of them can ask for help and report what was told if necessary. I just think it matches the way normal people communicate.”

Regarding the possibility of co-existing legality and privacy, therefore to keep a system encrypted and at the same time to succeed in the same way as being able to collaborate with justice, Catchcart reiterates that “Ent-to-end encryption protects everyone It protects them by keeping their messages safe, in addition to that, allowing people to tell us if someone’s spam protects our users. It is usually framed as “are you choosing privacy or choosing security?” I see it as the same thing: end-to-end encryption is one of the most powerful technologies we have to protect people’s safety around the world.”

In any case, 2021 of the messaging app was also a year of important achievements. For example, just a few days ago Whatsapp activated the multi-device beta in Italy.

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