Whatsapp, How To Listen To A Voice Message Before Sending It? Whatsapp

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There are more than just news in terms of safety for WhatsApp. In fact, the popular instant messaging application is about to receive a feature that is not insignificant: the ability to listen to voice messages before sending them.

Yes, you understand: according to the reports from The Verge and iDownloadBlog, as well as as whatsapp on Twitter, that moment has finally arrived. For a long time the users of the service asked this all in all simple feature, but only on the day of December 14, 2021 the announcement has materialized (“better late than never,” someone would say).

In any case, the official WhatsApp portal explains the operation of the novelty, which is being released for all devices (Android, iOS, Web and desktop). The functionality is essentially “auto-explicative”: to see if you already have this option, you just have to open any chat and hold down the classic microphone button, located at the bottom right. Once you press the break button, if you are among those who have already received the feature, you will notice the Play button to listen to the message before sending it.

Also, there is the trash icon, which clearly allows you to delete a not the best registration. To send the voice message, however, just press the classic button. In short, from now on there will be no more “empty” voice messages sent by mistake (perhaps).

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