Whatsapp Multi-Device, Comes To Italy Beta: How To Activate It And How It Works

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The beta multi-device of Whatsapp is officially arrived in Italy. In the last few hours there have been many users who have received notification on their devices, including us who obviously have joined the program.

As we show in the screenshots at the bottom, acquired by our iPhone 12 Pro Max with iOS 14, just move to the panel “Connected devices” under the tab “Settings” to find yourself facing the popup with the invitation

In the official documentation we read that the multi-device beta version allows you to access a new version of Whatsapp Web, desktop and Portal that does not require you to have a smartphone connected to the internet. The news doesn’t end here, because Whatsapp can be used on up to four additional devices simultaneously, but you can connect only one phone per account.

After giving the green light, you will have to re-connect your PCs to Whatsapp but unlike before you do not switch from the QR Code to scan immediately. The procedure is in fact slightly different: you always have to go to the panel “Connected devices” but click on “Connect a device.” At this point you will have to scan the QR Code shown on your PC and the game is done.

As indicated in the multi-device whatsapp faq, some functions are still not supported.

It was a very busy week for the app: a few days ago the function to transfer whatsapp chats from Android to iOS emerged. We also remember that from November 1 Whatsapp will no longer work on some Android iPhones and smartphones.

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