Whatsapp Now Supports End-To-End Encryption For Backups: How It Works

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Day of great news for WhatsApp! Together with the launch of multi-device support in Italy, the messaging service managers also introduced end-to-end encryption support for backups, an additional protection measure that is essential to protect data from over 2 billion users.

The announcement came directly through the Facebook Engineering channel, where the operation of this system is described in detail, also visible through the graphics at the bottom of the news. In simple terms, when the user enables this feature, the system will give it a 64-digit encryption key to save manually or alternatively to connect to a password, while the backup will be uploaded to Google Drive For completeness, if you decide to use a personal password WhatsApp, you will store the key in a physical security module HSM managed by Facebook.

When the user requests the system to download backup from the respective cloud platform, WhatsApp will ask for the 64-digit key or, otherwise, the password connected to it. After this, the application will recover the backup protected by end-to-end encryption and, if the key inserted will be valid, then WhatsApp will decrypt the file by restoring the user’s chats.

If you repeat password or wrong key, the system will make the 64-digit key permanently inaccessible, so beware! The system is designed to ensure that no one can access the backup in addition to the account owner. Of course, end-to-end backup encryption will be available on both Android and iOS devices.

In a note, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said: • WhatsApp is the first global messaging service on this scale to offer end-to-end encrypted messages and backups and get there was a

In early September, the launch of the transfer of chat from iOS to Android was also officially announced in Italy.

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