Whatsapp, Reported Crashes And Blocks On Ios: What Is Happening And How To Fix

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In the last few hours, there have been several Twitter users who, through their accounts on the microblogging social network, have complained about various types of problems with the Whatsapp messaging app, which would suddenly crash on boot.

In this case, those who are interested in the beta program of Whatsapp, through TestFlight, would be involved. Many have tied this disservice to Apple’s recent launch of iOS 15.2 but to dispel any doubt, some reports have also been made that come from previous releases of the iPhone’s iOS. Obviously, the problem would be directly linked to the app, and in fact many point the finger at Facebook.

But apparently, it would be the normal version of Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business that would be interested. Facebook has not yet received any comments on this, but the public counterpart of Whatsapp does not report the same types of problems, which is why the only way to solve this is by installing the non-beta release of Whatsapp.

In short, after the statements by Minister Cingolani on Whatsapp, in which he urged users to send fewer photographs to reduce pollution, Whatsapp is still the protagonist of this Wednesday of December. Just recently, among other things, whatsapp had arrived an important novelty for privacy and to protect the confidentiality of users.

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