When Did Antarctica Become A Continent For The First Time?

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The appearance of continents has changed a lot during the history of the Earth. For example, Antarctica, a desolate place and ice plan, has never been in this way and was once part of a larger supercontinent.

Today the continent is the largest ice block on Earth, with 14 million square kilometers. It may not seem, since we only see ice, but “Antartis is a continent like any other that has a wide variety of landscapes (mountain, valleys and plains)” according to Libby Ives, doctoranda in

The geological history of the continent, however, remains a mystery because less than 1% of the continent has exposed rocks. Antarctica, in fact, is divided into two parts: East and West. The eastern Antarctica is a craton, or continental block of the earth’s crust composed of fiery rocks, sedimentary and metamorphic (some of them 3 billion years old).

The western Antarctica is young and composed mainly of volcanic rocks created during the period when the supercontinent Gondwana began to break down during the Jurassic period (about 200 million years ago). It was not always like this, because during the Mesozoic era (from 252 million to 66 million years ago) the continent was a rainforest full of dinosaurs and life.

Currently, science does not know exactly when Antarctica officially became a “solitary continent.” Today, however, we know that the ice freeze plays a key role in the Earth’s climate system and climate change is threatening its existence. By the way, you know there are mysterious blood falls in Antarctica? That’s actually what I am.

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