Where Are The Video Cards? Unveiled Mining Farm With Thousands Of Nvidia Gpus

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The Chinese cryptocurricular mining block has helped, in part, the GPU market recover, but scalpers and miners in the West are still active to make the passion of video gamers less accessible. When a person publishes videos showing their RTX 3000 rich mining farms, there is no shortage of gamers.

One of the last examples is the case of Jaxson Davidson, a Twitter user who describes himself as’veterano crypto for four years and miner of full-time cryptocurrencies’. With a short 26-second clip published on the social platform, he showed a quarter of his mining farm with almost exclusively NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 video cards. Looking at the individual frames, it is evident the design of the Founders Edition, as well as some custom or AMD models.

The process of extracting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, SHIBA and others requires the use of hundreds, if not thousands of video cards. This is exactly what is evident from the video published by Jaxson Davidson since, by taking a careful look, you can notice six rows of shelves from 12 racks each, and each rack mounts up to four groups of eight graphics cards. In short, 2300 GPUs for the single building shown. Assuming that each of the four mining farms has such a number of video cards, then we talk about 9200 NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, customized and stocked, available to Davidson.

He then clarified that a new building will contain NVIDIA CMP 170HX cards, a model launched by the green team in late October and designed exclusively for mining. The price is monstrous: we talk about 4.435 Dollars of list. To achieve the power required by professional miners, however, is a must.

In the meantime, the audience has unleashed its anger with a pinch of irony: there are those who want to pour orange juice and water over the entire mining farm, or those who prefer to pass next to the video cards with a magnet. Others, on the other hand, talk about ecoterrorism and lack of respect for the rest of the user.

By remaining in the NVIDIA universe, it seems that the company would have been forced to postpone the new RTX 3080 and 3070 Ti to 2022, perhaps even after the ESC of Las Vegas.

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