Where Do I Need The Green Pass From Today 20 January 2022? The Complete List

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Pending the publication of the dpcm containing the activities exempt from the Green Pass, which should arrive today, today the obligation of Green Certification has taken place for a series of new activities, as provided for by the decree of the Government of 8 January 2022.

In this case, it is necessary to exhibit the Green Certification Covid-19 for visits and interviews with prisoners at prisons for both adults and minors, but also for services to the person such as hairdressers, beauty centers and services to the person.

These activities are added to those where it is already required: public transport, outdoor catering services, museums, swimming pools and gyms, amusement parks, hotels, spas, congresses, festivals, fairs, ski facilities, team sports, centres

From February 1st you will also need to present the Green Pass for public offices, Post Office, Banks and shops, while you should be exempt for retirement.

Activities that can be accessed without Green Pass include supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, newsstands, clinics, veterinary surgeons, public security offices (to file a complaint), and all services that meet the urgent needs of protecting minors. The DPCM on exemptions should get to a tight clock turn.

For all information on the difference between Green Pass and Super Green Pass, please refer to our in-depth review.

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