Which Ecommerce Sites Are Most Used In 2021? The Answer Might Surprise You

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Ecommerce is an integral part of the lives of billions of people: according to a study, 18% of Italians shop online from the bathroom, demonstrating that online transactions are now much more used than in the past. The phenomenon was amplified by the Coronavirus pandemic, during which online businesses increased to an extent.

Despite fears about ecommerce around Christmas 2021, due to the poor state of global production chains of both electronic devices and cardboard packs, 2021 has again recorded a record of the number of online sales. The American company Cloudflare, which deals with web infrastructure and network security, has released a ranking of the ten most used economy in the world.

The first position among the most used ecommerce in the world is obviously Amazon, the American multinational networked trade. The company, which is not only involved in online retailing, has reached the goal of the largest IT company in the United States in 2021 thanks to its marketplace. Amazon’s first visit to Amazon was made on the basis of the information provided by Amazon.

The second position of the CloudFlare ranking is occupied by the Chinese ecommerce Taobao is the first popularity website in China, and is owned by the Alibaba group, one of the largest colossus of the Taobao was born as a customer-to-customer solution in 2003, on the lines of Ebay’s success, but evolved to reach 300 million monthly visits by users in 2021: considering that the website is only active

The third place in the ranking goes instead to Ebay, that in 2021 it has reached as many as 750 million visits per month but that is behind Taobao in terms of purchases made on the platform. Almost all Ebay traffic comes from the United States, from which 80% of the visits to the website come, but it is also widely used in other countries: in particular, the acceptance of Ebay is also high in Russia, Mexico, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The complete CloudFlare ranking is as follows, however:

Amazon Taobao Ebay Shopify Rakuten The Home Depot

At the level of general trends, it is worth highlighting the ride of Chinese ecommerce, which in the list are present with two exponents, namely Taobao and both platforms are limited to China alone, yet they can cut themselves out

Secondly, the conversion of retail chains to websites seems to proceed quickly: American chains of shops and supermarkets such as Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Home Depot, in fact, have entered the ranking precisely thanks to the digital conversion efforts operated during

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