Who Invented School? Answering Is Impossible

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The school is undoubtedly one of the most hated things by children and children, but it is the place with the most “replantations” by adults. When was the school “invented”? One of the most important places for society.

It might sound ironic, but we don’t know. No textbook mentions exactly when and how the idea of a school came about. In ancient Greece, for example, education was considered essential for participation in Greek culture but was reserved only for children (and not all). In ancient Rome, however, rich children were educated by private teachers.

There are some indirect evidence of schools in China that existed at least 3,000 years ago, but there is very little information about whether or not these places are present. In 425 AD, the Byzantine Empire in Rome created the world’s first known primary education system and was dedicated to the education of soldiers enrolled in the Byzantine army (by the way, also give an eye to Byzantine art). The reason? In this way no soldier would have any problems in communicating and understanding war manuals.

In Western Europe, the church was very involved in public education from the beginning and a significant number of ecclesiastical schools were founded in the early Middle Ages (but can the Middle Ages really be considered a dark period?). The oldest, founded in the year 597, is the King’s School of Canterbury (open today). The oldest university still in operation, however, is located in Italy and is the University of Bologna, founded in 1088.

In 1592, it was a German duchy called Palatine Zweibrücken that declared compulsory education for girls and boys, becoming the first territory in the world to do so. The history of schools should be studied – precisely – in schools because it is intricate, complex and full of facets. There is no “inventor” and the process of getting to today’s school systems has taken thousands of years of progress and evidence.

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