Who Is The God Of Norse War Tyr? Let’s Find Out Together

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Tyr is the god of war and justice in Norse mythology, and unlike the equivalent Roman Mars, he professed war as an extreme means of resolving a dispute between men, not as an act of violence end in itself.

The role of Tyr as one of the principal gods of war in Norse mythology, together with his father Odin and his brother Thor (according to the classical interpretation of the poetic Edda), is well found in the sources of the Viking era. Moreover, it is to him that we owe the English name of Tuesday day, as the Germanic peoples took the idea of baptizing the consequent day of the week (Tuesday) from the Roman culture corbispect, which attributed it to their own God of war In this sense the gods of the Norse-German war can be distinguished from the fact that each of them is representative of a particular aspect of the war. Thor, for example, is synonym of the physical and brutal combat; Odin of the magical and psychological forces, and Tyr of the legal decisions and principles of justice that characterize the battlefields.

In this regard, Tyr also represented justice and law, as can be seen from the account of ♪The Binding of Fenrir ♪ ♪ Who tells of Tyr’s sacrifice towards the wolf Fenrir ♪ For this reason, the scholar of comparative religions Georges Dumézil, states that, just as Odin proved to be the chief god of wisdom by sacrificing one of his eyes in pursuit with Fenrir, so Tyr proved himself

But why should the god of law and justice also be one of the principal gods of war? Well, the ancient Germanic peoples meant war and right as deeply linked. In fact, the law could be applied to win over an opponent just as the war could.

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