Who Owns A Computer Has To Pay The Rai Fee?

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While we continue to discuss the possible goodbye of the Canone Rai from the electric bill, we continue to deepen the topic we have discussed on several occasions on these pages and that costs families 90 Euro per year.

Today, by connecting to the tech sector, we answer the question that many people have asked: “Who owns a computer must pay the Rai fee?”

The most general answer is “no,” but since payment is governed by a specific law of the State, it is good to go into detail to understand the exceptions.

The Rai fee is only a fee for the possession of “acts or adaptable to the reception of the radio and television signal.” In itself, a PC cannot receive such a signal, so as noted by the taxfix magazine in the 730 driving, it is not necessary to pay for it.

The situation changes radically if you hook USB sticks, cards or decoders to the computer that can perform radio/TV tuners: in this case the PC is in the norm and for this reason the fee must be paid. The same applies to computer monitors without television tuners: they do not oblige taxpayers to pay the Rai fee on their own.

For all information on how not to pay the Rai Canon if you do not have TV, we refer you to our in-depth.

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