Why Did The Pirates Wear Bandages On Their Eyes? No, It’s Not Like You Imagine.

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Pirate stories are timeless stories and capable of passionately listening to all those who listen to them. Of course, many of them are romantic, exaggerated and exasperated at the highest historical levels… and even today some of their ways of doing are “unknown” to most. For example, do you know why pirates used to wear eye bandages?

No, it wasn’t because they lacked an eye (at least in most cases). The truth is much more complex and “scientific” than you think. Since these seamen had to move quickly between the ship’s deck and undercover, they passed almost instantaneously from light to darkness and vice versa. This, in life or death situations, could have been a problem.

The eyes, in fact, take even 25 minutes to get used to from bright light to darkness. There is a way, however, to stem this small problem: keeping an eye in the dark, when entering a dark place, you can observe much faster and above all clearly the surrounding environment without having difficulty.

There are no reliable and reliable sources on this story, but science has repeatedly stated that a blindfold in front of an eye is able to adapt it more easily in the dark. Even the well-known television program MythBusters tested this hypothesis and established that it was at least plausible.

The use of a closed eye to “preserve a certain degree of night vision” is even recommended to pilots by the guidelines of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a US agency that regulates every aspect of the country’s civil aviation. Speaking of these seamen, is it true that pirates would walk their victims on the wooden axis?

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