Why Do Cats Follow You In The Bathroom? The Reasons Are Very Simple

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You can go to the bathroom and be followed by your cat. In many cases they also love to jump inside the sinks, but what strikes us most is their desire to follow us even in the moments dedicated to our needs. Let’s see, then, why cats love to follow us to the bathroom.

The answer is actually quite simple: according to research conducted by veterinary Kathryn Primm, the desire to follow us in the bathroom could be given by a feeling of vulnerability and poor safety. In other words, our feline friend would follow us for need of protection, comfort and serenity. But there is another interesting possibility: knowing that the bathroom also has water, it is possible that it follows us to ask implicitly to drink fresh water, maybe running. This, among other things, is an additional reason for love of sinks.

Third, but no less important motivation, it could be the desire to have fun with what is in the bathroom or the innate curiosity of the cat: maybe you often keep the door closed to prevent him from entering and dirty the environment, and this is the It is not to be excluded also the desire to play with toilet paper, towels or make a \’capriccio \\’ to attract your attention.

Among other curiosities, here is the smartest domestic cat.

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