Why Do Our Veins Seem To Be Blue?

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That our blood is red is undoubtedly red, but why do our veins look blue? The answer may seem trivial, but in reality this color is given by the different wavelengths of light. Let’s go calmly and try to explain it to you.

Our blood takes its characteristic color from red blood cells, which contain haemoglobin, of iron-rich molecules. Red light has a very long wavelength compared to the others, and therefore can travel through the skin with relative ease and is absorbed by haemoglobin in the blood.

On the other hand, the blue light has a much shorter wavelength and is then reflected mainly by the skin. Our skin, in a few words, can absorb the wavelengths of light that have the lowest energy, which correspond to red and its “derived” (so orange and yellow, for example).

However, waves with a shorter wavelength and a higher frequency level, such as green or blue, remain visible. For this reason we see the veins of this colour, because they are on the surface and absorb the light of the blue spectrum. So no, it’s not because of the blue blood we see the veins of this color, but because of the light.

By the way, do you know artificial blood could be a reality?

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