Why Do Restaurants Serve Free Bread? The Reasons Can Be Multiple

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One thing at the restaurant is certain: bread on the table will never be lacking. After you arrive at the club, in fact, it is the first thing that is brought by the waiters. It may be an obvious question, but why is bread always brought in restaurants with plenty and, above all, is it free? There are some theories.

The first one states that it is a tradition dating back to ancient times. A long time ago, when restaurants and taverns served one meal with an expensive protein, giving their customers a lot of bread allowed the inn managers to “placate” the hunger of the diners, trying to give as many dishes as possible to the other hungry

When the menus started to offer more variety over time, people still expected to receive bread and, as we know, it is a tradition that continues today. On the other hand, if it works and is appreciated, why remove it? Others, however, assume that bread is a method used by restaurateurs to “make” the food wait less heavy for consumers.

Another theory, however, states that this is a way of restaurants to welcome their guests. “In this way they do not appease their hunger and paradoxically prevent them from spending more?” you think… in fact white bread, created from a white flour and not refined, is a simple carbohydrate that can actually increase hunger.

In short, it is most likely a tradition that has been going on for centuries and, for this reason, continues still today… if we add all the other advantages (to please the wait, to increase hunger and to be friendly) we understand why the method of serving bread

By the way: can you live by eating only bread?

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