Why Does A Song Stay In The Lead? It’s The Fault Of Some Features

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It may happen that a song evokes important memories while listening, but also that a song gets in the head… and does not leave anymore! Why is this happening? And most importantly, are there any tricks to get rid of it? Luckily, experts have answers to both of these questions.

David Silbersweig, a professor of psychiatry, gave us some additional information about the commonly-called earworm problem, that is, a ‘tarlo’, which enters the ear and does not leave. Term coined in 1979 and derived from the German term “Ohrwurm” implies that a fragment of a musical song lasting about 20 seconds is \”annidi” in our head forcing us to hum and listen to it mint

This would happen because of some key features: first, if the piece is repetitive there is a greater chance that it will remain in the head. Other important factors are the longer duration of specific notes, a low interval between notes or, even more importantly, the re-enactment of memories or the triggering of emotional charges.

Studies conducted by experts through magnetic resonance confirmed the involvement of hippocampus as well as auditory cortex, showing a connection between musical perception and memory recovery. The amygdala then, the emotional region of the brain, deals with the analysis of the emotional importance of the song. At the moment the connections are blocked, there is no more escape for the song outside our head.

How can we try to get rid of it? By simple distraction: by engaging in other activities that require the use of the said brain regions, then the ‘tortura’ could finally end. Otherwise, there are those who suggest a method to live and let live, allowing the song to sound cyclically in our head until its natural end.

Always about music, experts advise against listening to music before bedtime.

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