Why Does Jupiter Have So Many Moons Around Him?

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Jupiter is the largest planet in our galactic neighborhood, with a mass more than twice as large as all the bodies in our Solar System. This incredible mass of the moon allows the celestial body to possess 79 confirmed moons, which revolve around the gas giant due to its gravitational attraction. But not only that.

There could be much more around Jupiter and, contrary to what you’re imagining, Saturn has the largest number of moons in the Solar System, with 82. However, there are good reasons to believe that Jupiter has by far the largest number of moons in our galactic system.

In September 2020, astronomers at the University of British Columbia identified 45 moons with a diameter of over 800 meters… concluding that there could be more than 600 of these small moons in orbit around Jupiter. These celestial bodies are currently being studied, and it takes a lot of time to identify to reliably verify their orbits.

The reason for the presence of so many moons is, of course, to be found in the greatness of the planet: equal to 30 Earths! Not only does the gravitational attraction, its distance from the Sun, about 5 times as far from the Sun as the Earth, allow Jupiter to have a wider area of influence, since the gravitational influence of the Sun weakens as it

There are only four moons that make up 99% of the mass of these celestial bodies (Callisto, Io, Euroman and Ganymede), while all the other moons of Jupiter have a diameter of less than 250 kilometers, although most

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