Why Does Reading Make Us Sleepy? The Reasons Are Simple

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One of the best ways to get sleepy is to read a beautiful book. Page by page, you will witness a progressive and inevitable drowsiness that will eventually lead us into the world of dreams. It’s a much more functional method than watching TV or some YouTube video. Why, then, does reading cause us to sleep?

First of all, while we are reading our novel, explains Science Focus of the BBC, we tend to be extremely relaxed, in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere… the best conditions to sleep. Reading also facilitates our minds and diverts their attention from any concern that might keep us awake.

“Reading can be relaxing and pleasant, which can put the mind and body in the proper mind or mood to go to sleep,” said Dr. Raman Malhotra, neurologist and member of the board of directors of American Ac “The main reason why reading can help some to fall asleep is that it gives the mind some time to rest and relax before turning off the lights to fall asleep.”

Even the concentration needed to process each word can be quite exhausting, especially if the chosen book is very complicated and dense in content. All these factors make reading a great activity to fall asleep quickly. If we add that reading a good book is always a good thing, we no longer have excuses to start conducting this custom.

By the way: here are five scientific readings to read at any time and five other technological readings for all fans of the topic.

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