Why Were Heels Invented? Before They Were Used By Men And Kings

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There is a substantial difference between the invention of something and its use. Who would have thought Einstein’s theory of relativity would be used for GPS? And who would have thought that heels were invented for men to use?

For centuries, as many sources report, high heels have been worn as a form of riding footwear. In Persia, in fact, soldiers used a lot of horses in combat and heel shoes were used by the riders to fix their position in the brackets so that they could pull arrows more effectively (at the bottom of the news you will see a

In 1599 this fashion also arrived in Europe and the aristocrats of the period began to wear (and to love!) the shoes with the Persian heels because they were considered bold, male and perfect to assert their status. When ordinary citizens began to wear the same shoes, the aristocrats decided to increase the heel height even more – as a demonstration of their social status.

Even the King of France Louis XIV of Bourbon, called the Sun King, wore red heels to increase his height and even issued an edict that limited red heels to members of his court (by the way, here you are

The heels have entered the female world to “masculine” women’s clothes, according to BBC News. When the Enlightenment arose, however, the man’s dress began to become more “sober”, preferring a much lower and stacked heel. In 1740, men stopped wearing high heels completely… as a demonstration of how fashion is cyclical and even unpredictable.

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