Will Donald Trump Launch His Social Network Truth Next Month?

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Donald Trump’s social network is coming: after the confirmation of its debut in 2022, join us through Apple’s App Store, the same app store provides us with further clues about the release of TRUTH Social, an evocative name that already has Opening to the public seems to be scheduled at the end of February.

As taken from The Verge, TRUTH currently appears on the App Store with a plausible release date: 21 February 2022. A not random day, at all: it is the Presidents Day, clearly selected as a reminder to… who is the true President of the United States. Trump Media and Technology Group or TMTG has not issued any further statements on any international media channel.

The only way to access TRUTH Social in advance is by entering your name into a waiting menu or beta testing menu, which will allow participants to notice that the platform is actually almost a Twitter clone. The features are the same, from writing posts (called truth, truth) to re-truth, they pass for sharing and I like. The user interface is also extremely similar and will serve as a bridge for all followers of Donald Trump, excluded from Jack Dorsey’s social media with a sound ban after the uprising of 6 January 2021.

In short, it will be interesting to follow the debut and evolution of this new communication portal, regardless of whether or not it supports the former President of the United States. Will it attract a significant number of users or will it suffer a hard backlash at the launch? We’ll only find out at the end of next month.

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