Windows 11: Compatibility Issues With Some Screens, Microsoft Promises A Fix

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Despite the recent Patch Tuesday of December for Windows 11, Microsoft’s operating system seems to suffer from some problems in combination with different display and display models. Microsoft itself said to be aware of the bug, but in all probability for a problem resolution we will have to wait until the beginning of January 2022.

In particular, Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 11 has compatibility problems with some monitors, specifically those that use color profiles defined “rare” by Redmond’s company, which seems to suggest that the problem is not as widespread as some users believe.

The bug generates malfunctions of photo editing apps, starting with Paint, when the PC is connected to a monitor that is not compatible with the latest version of Windows 11: according to users who have encountered the problem, programs “in

Microsoft has published a page dedicated to the bug on its Windows 11 support portal, which says: “After installing Windows 11, some image editing programs may not properly render colors on some HDR displays. The problem is frequently observed with colors such as white, which is shown as a bright yellow or as other colors.”

The support page continues by explaining what the Windows 11 bug generates: “The problem occurs when some Win32 color rendering APIs generate unexpected information or errors under specific conditions. Not all color profile management programs are affected by the problem, while profiles on the Windows 11 “Settings” page, including the Microsoft Color Control Panel, should work properly.

In all likelihood, however, the bug will be fixed with the Patch Tuesday of January 2022: later in the year, instead, Microsoft should release the 2H22 update of Windows 11, with numerous graphics and design improvements to the system

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