Windows 11, Dark Mode Will Relax Users With A New Set Of Sounds

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While the issue of Windows 11 and TPM 2.0 continues to remain open, some very interesting information about the dark mode of the operating system has emerged on the web, which apparently will play a series of sounds to relax users while they are on the PC.

The discovery had already leaked on the net on some newspapers and users, who initially believed it was a joke or worse than an operating system bug. Microsoft however speaking with BleepingComputer explained that it is not so and that “the sounds of Windows 10 was sharp, literally created with sharp wavelengths. With Windows 11, we focused on relaxation. To do this, we had to re-evaluate our sound set to make it calm too.”

Microsoft compared this transition to the work done at the design level in Windows 11. Eleven compared to Ten is not a revolution, but if seen closely it includes a wide range of novelties such as rounded corners.

The philosophy applied to sounds was adopted to “soften the overall feeling of experience. The new sounds have a much more round wavelength, and are softer. They will notify and send sound notifications to users, but without being overwhelming.”

The latest Insider Previews of Windows 11 have recorded some issues, but apparently they have already been solved.

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