Windows 11: Microsoft Updates Notepad And Introduces Dark Mode

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With the switch to Windows 11, Microsoft decided to refresh the preloaded apps in its operating system: this treatment was done to Paint before the launch of Windows 11, and more recently Media Player received a new user interface

The latest pre-installed Windows program to receive a new graphics look is now Notepad, which is preparing to host some modern features rather important for the app’s use, such as dark mode, an improved interface for search operations and

Alongside these updates, Notepad also adopted the Mica Material design, while Microsoft should update the user interface that appears using the right-click on the app, making it in line with the design philosophy of Windows 11. The update of the function “cancels,” in particular, was necessary to make the app up to date: so far, in fact, Notepad has always allowed only the cancellation of the last action done on the text, while the feature “multi-cancels”

Obviously, net of these updates, Notepad cannot yet compete with Word: indeed, it seems that Microsoft intends to introduce a series of small updates aimed at modernising the application but also not to make it too competitive with its main text editor,

However, Notepad’s redesign is available to Windows Insider subscribers and can be downloaded from Microsoft’s Dev Channel. To download, you must use the latest version of the operating system and possibly wait until the update rollout is completed for all Insiders.

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