Windows 11: New Media Player And Notepads For Insiders Arrive

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If “standard” users of Windows 11 will have to wait for the Sun Valley 2 update to introduce new features into the operating system, many subscribers to the Insider program have received app updates these days such as Notepad and Media Player, both of which are

The new Windows 11 Notepad first appeared in a build for Insider early December, when Microsoft announced new features and dark mode for the application. Apparently, Microsoft has released an update of Notepad for Windows 11, available on the Dev Channel, where we will also find a new design of the user interface, made more modern and in line with the graphical philosophy of the UI operating system.

The new Media Player of Windows 11, on the other hand, was announced in November and appeared in the same month on the Dev Channel. Today, however, some members of the insider program reported that the new Media Player has permanently replaced Groove Music, as the latter app is no longer present in the latest Builds of Windows 11.

The replacement of Groove Music was scheduled by Microsoft for several months, and was carried out along with an update of Media Player that added numerous new features to the application. In particular, the library of available and listenable tracks has been modified, while the music collections created on Groove can migrate automatically to the new app.

Media Player added more space for album covers and artist images, which are shown while listening to songs via the app. In addition, the program now guarantees fullscreen display or mini player. Finally, Microsoft promised that it will facilitate searches on Media Player with the next update of the application.

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