Windows 11, Satya Nadella Confirms The Arrival At The End Of 2021 On Lenovo Pcs

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There were not only multiple product announcements and more during the 2021 Tech World edition. In fact, during the event several leading figures in the sector peeped, including Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, who referred to the arrival of Windows 11.

In particular, in strengthening the solid partnership with Lenovo on several fronts, Nadella also confirmed that the PCs of the well-known brand will be among the first to get Windows 11, in some cases already at the end of 2021. We remind you that not all computers will have already from October 2021 (the date of release of the OS is fixed to 5 October 2021) the possibility to access the new version of the operating system, as the latter will be offered gradually (Microsoft expects all devices

In this context, it is official that several Lenovo computers, probably even the newly announced Yoga Slim 7, will receive Windows 11 by the end of the year. Clearly other brands will have this possibility, but it is interesting to note that Lenovo has managed to establish a strong partnership with Microsoft, so much so that Nadella “appears” during its event.

For the rest, other important partnerships for Lenovo were officially established during Tech World 2021. For example, it has been revealed that DreamWorks, the well-known US feature-length producer, is based on Lenovo data center solutions. Not to be forgotten is the collaboration with Ducati.

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