Windows 11 Slows Nvme Ssds: Multiplying Reports

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According to XDA-Developers, Windows 11 is causing some problems with NVMe SSDs, so performance is slower than those recorded before installing Microsoft’s new OS.

Reports are collected in a Reddit thread and a topic on Microsoft’s support community, and actually they haven’t exactly emerged recently. But Neowin’s colleagues have only noticed them now, but if they were initially referring to the Insider Preview of Windows 11 and could be justified by the fact that it was not the final version of OS, now the issue becomes worrying since they have also come from

The confirmation of the performance slowdown is also certified by CrystalDiskMark and AS-SSD, two popular benchmarking applications, and mainly concerns random writing, while the other metrics are virtually unchanged. In the screenshots you find at the bottom, you compare the performance of the same SSD with Windows 10 and Windows 11.

The cause of the problem has not yet been identified, but many believe that the performance of the SSD could be linked to virtualization-based security (VBS). Some have recently discovered that the problem might have something to do with the drive on which Windows 11 is installed: if benchmarks are executed on a secondary unit, in fact, the results would be in line with those advertised by the manufacturers. Others, however, claim that the latest Windows 11 update (22000,348) has slightly improved performance.

To be interested are not only PCIe Gen4 SSDs, but also more recent models (PCIe Gen 3).

In short, even counting the growing spread of Windows 11 worldwide, the problem could be of no small importance.

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