Windows 11 Will Look Faster Than Windows 10: Microsoft Explains Why

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The arrival of Windows 11 is now around the corner and Microsoft is dispensing information about the new operating system. The Windows Insider program members received a video about the optimizations that Redmond’s giant has made.

In a video of Microsoft Mechanics, Microsoft’s Enterprise Management vice president Steve Dispensa explained that the company has made specific improvements to the operating system that will make it “feel” more responsive and faster than Windows 10.

Specifically, engineers have worked on memory management that will help Windows 11 give priority to applications and processes. This will reduce the loading time of applications even when CPU usage is high: everything has been made possible by prioritising the activities in the foreground.

Dispensa also explained that the same techniques were also used in the shell of Windows 11 and also in Edge to improve performance and perception that users will have. The manager said that the improvement in memory management has helped accelerate the “awakening” of OS, which will result in “an almost instantaneous experience.” The full video can be viewed through the player present in the opening.

This is undoubtedly a pleasant novelty, which adds to the new sounds of the dark mode of Windows 11 that will contribute to relaxation.

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