Windows 11, Will The Tpm 2.0 Block Some Software?

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Do you remember the confusing issue of TPM 2.0, which for quite some time had people who wanted to try Windows 11 discussed? Well, there are new developments that may not be exactly pleasing to everyone.

In fact, according to SlashGear, the well-known video game VALORANT, developed by the popular software house Riot Games (mainly known for League of Legends), now requires users who have a PC with a system

In other words, as reported by a good number of users on Twitter and in some forums, Riot Games has decided to implement an additional degree of security regarding the anti-cheat system related to its game. As you can see in the screenshot at the bottom of the news, spread online by one of the users who reported it all, apparently since the first days of September 2021 a message has started to appear on screen reading: “This build by Van

Apart from the issue of Riot Games title, what is making the most of this is the fact that a third party software is starting to request TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot. This could create a precedent and lead other realities to choose not to allow access to a given game or program if a computer does not meet these requirements (which we remember have already been “critical” by a good number of people relative to Windows 11, as not exactly Of course, for the moment there is nothing certain and such a limitation may not take place outside the online video game world, but we will see.

However, Microsoft has already specified that PCs that do not support the minimum requirements of Windows 11 may be “left aside” in terms of update. In addition, Redmond’s company removed unofficially supported computers from the Insider program. In short, it seems that in the end TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot will actually be required for a full OS experience, despite the update to Windows 11 will not be “blocked” entirely for “dated” PCs.

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