Windows 11: Wsatools Back Available, Sideloading Apps Is Now A Walk

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One of the highlights of Windows 11 is definitely the ability to install Android apps on PC, resulting from the collaboration between Microsoft and Amazon app marketplace. However, the feature came on Windows 11 almost a month after the system launch, and it is still limited to just fifty apps for Android.

This caused Redmond’s user discontent, which began to look for alternative solutions for sideloading smartphone applications on Windows 11. A particularly successful program in this regard was WSATools for Windows, which allowed the installation of each APK file on PC.

Microsoft, however, did not like the existence of a idealoading app for its operating system and removed WSATools from the Microsoft Store within a week of its release. At the basis of Redmond’s reasons there were also concerns about the security of the sideloading of APK files, which could contain serious viruses for Windows 11.

Nevertheless, WSATools has returned to the market within a few days, except that it is again eliminated from the Microsoft Store by Redmond company choice. The software developer, Simone Franco, explained the reasons for Microsoft’s decision, considering them “legitimate” and saying that he would work on solving the critical issues highlighted by the company.

Well, it seems that the developer’s efforts have been successful, because WSATools has returned to Microsoft Store today, as announced by Simone Franco himself in the tweet you find at the bottom. The app is therefore downloadable from Microsoft’s online store, it is free and is preceded by a long series of warnings for users, which say: “Warnings: WSATools is not an official Microsoft app, and is not connected This app is not even connected to Amazon and Google.”

WSATools makes the Sideloading of apps on Windows 11 almost immediate, which would normally require a rather complex procedure and only suitable for the most experienced. The program should be used with caution, however, as APK files downloaded from the internet can introduce very dangerous malware into the Android subsystem on Windows, which risk destroying the entire operating system.

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