Windtre Expands 5G Td In Abruzzo: The List Of Covered Locations

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The expansion campaign of the 5G TD signed WindTre proceeds without interruption throughout Italy, gradually covering more and more regions of the Belpaese. After the arrival of the 5G TD network in the Marche region, it is time to deal with the latest progress with the extension of coverage in three Abruzzo locations. What are we talking about?

As announced by WindTre today, Tuesday 11 January 2022, the 5G based on the Time Division Duplex or TDD frequencies › those reserved only to the fifth generation mobile standard, rather than shared with the 4G network In doing so, the digital divide in Italy is further reduced and the quality of the network is improved in the areas concerned.

Gianluca Corti, Chief Commercial Officer of WindTre, also in this circumstance dedicated a few words to the goal reached by the Italian telephone operator: WindTre responds to the challenge, adds, with an increasingly fast, reliable and performing 5G network, to further improve the experience of using customers who, even on the move, want to remain connected with their work, loved ones and their interests.

At the end of December, WindTre brought 5G TD to several municipalities in Tuscany.

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