Windtre Go 100 Special+, New Winback Offer Available From 9.99 Euro Per Month

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Together with the convergent GO Unlimited Fire+ offer with unlimited Giga, the Italian telephone operator WindTre also offers in September the new winback Go 100 Special+ offer from 9.99 Euro per month, available But let’s see what it includes in the package.

As reported by MondoMobileWeb, WindTre Go 100 Special+ offers a bundle with unlimited minutes of calls to all national numbers, both fixed and mobile, 200 SMS to anyone and 100 Giga mobile data traffic in 4G, There are no activation costs, but you have to pay 10 Euro to get the SIM card.

The activation can be done when the former customer concerned receives a text message similar to the following: • It is time of 100GIGA, 200SMS and unlimited minutes to 9.99E/month on the new TOP QUALIT Free activation and SIM 10E in our stores by 16/09. Detail on additional costs in case of use and info privacy Of course, the activation of WindTre Go 100 Special+ provides portability of the phone number.

Among other details it is indicated that the charge will be made on residual credit, but in case it is not enough, then the charge will be made late while providing the traffic data of the offer itself at the price of 0.99 Euro; the next day, in case of continuous lack of Finally, 5.5 Giga per month of EU Roaming are included in the Go 100 Special+ offer.

Among other winback offers WindTre also has GO 100 Star Plus, always available for selected customers in September.

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