Xamarin.Forms – The Best Framework for Mobile Development

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The key to reaching out to a large audience-base is to have apps that are feature-rich and secure. In a world where there are so many app development frameworks, how do you make sure your app is designed in a way that doesn’t deter you from reaching your potential customers and that doesn’t become a roadblock as you hit the growth trajectory?

Choose the right framework for your app: Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin.Forms is a cross- platform framework used to create apps for all popular platforms. It allows developers to focus on user interface flutter web and rapid prototyping in order to cater to their desired outcomes. The company that makes it available for free on its Virtual Studio is Microsoft. It is possible to build applications from a single shared codebase. The framework supports all mobile devices. The majority of the user base worldwide will be able to download and use your Xamarin.Forms-based app, regardless of whether they use iPhone, iPad or Windows.

The flexibility to scale up and scale down is given by the fact that you can have your app modified as your needs change in the future.

Growing usage of Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin.Forms is becoming a framework of choice for diverse group of entrepreneurs hailing from different industry background such as energy, healthcare and transport to have their mobile apps built There are over 2 billion downloads for the over 14,000 apps built using the Xamarin framework. The framework is popular with developers.

A single programming language is used to build mobile apps. The programmers find it easy to build apps that are easy to use. Over 2 billion downloads suggest how Xamarin-based apps are gradually growing in popularity among end customers.

There are studies done by developers that show increased acceptance of Xamarin. In the surveys conducted by Stack Overflow, Xamarin has been included in the top 10 frameworks.

apps globally 2 billion

downloads Top 10

frameworks of mobile development

Major Technical Advantages

Rapid prototyping of mobile apps is possible with the help of Xamarin.Forms. Usually app development is a time-Consuming and complex task which keeps developers engrossed for longer time spans. The advantage of using a hybrid framework is that it allows developers to add more features while saving time. Your app will be ready for testing on all three platforms at the same time, because developers can quickly create prototypes for all of the platforms.

User interface remains one of the most important parts of the app development lifecycle since it determines the user experience and ensures customers will stick to your app. Developers can create a user interface with two different options. The option to create user interface with XAML is available to the app programmers. The choice of two options gives developers the ability to choose the right interface. It doesn’t say that it saves time.

The option of using multiple screens or what we know as the app’s screens can be used by developers. A page is defined by every platform. It is possible to change the look and feel of the user interface. A variety of pages can be used to alter the look and feel of the interface. It is possible to have your app’sUI tailor made. There are a number of options of using pages that allow developers to entertain a particular business.

Xamarin.Forms has a variety of layout options which can be used as container. The ability to build app as per your business requirements is given by the different layout. The over user experience and retention of customers are two important aspects of the app development lifecycle.

The programmers can use as many as 40 controls during the development process. The controls are usually the entry point to receive user input. Xamarin.Forms allows developers to create custom controls as they can write code within a layout.

Affordable and faster Go-to-Market

The cost and speed of development are not good for a business. There is another compelling reason why you should use Xamarin.Forms as your framework. The needs of aspiring and budding entrepreneurs are addressed by the framework.

It is a framework for writing a shared codebase that provides faster and cheaper development. The developers don’t need to modify the code at all. It saves time and effort and results in lower costs.

You can start your business quickly.

Increased ROI and cost efficiency with open source

Xamarin.Forms is an open source framework that makes maintaining your app simpler. The global open source market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.8% over the next five years. Increased return on investment and reduced total cost of ownership are some of the benefits of open source software. Open source means that entrepreneurs retain control of their app and can change it at any time. There will be no dependence on the app development agency.

As your business grows, you will be able to integrate your apps with other business apps.

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