Xiaomi 12, Launch Imminent? That’s When The Promotional Campaign Will Start

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After the first rumors about the launch of Xiaomi 12, according to which officiality was due to arrive on December 12, 2021, rumors continue to hold their stand waiting to find out when the new flagship of the Chinese giant will actually be launched.

Almost a year after the official presentation of Xiaomi Mi 11, the moment seems to be closer than ever. In this regard, the latest entries seem to be pointing straight to 28 December 2021 and the promotional campaign in view of the dedicated keynote could start at the beginning of the week of 20 December.

To arouse particular curiosity in the public and in the professionals there would be the possible presentation of the other variants of the family, including the voice-cast model Pro and the more economic variants, on which the last rumors have concentrated, namely Xiaomi 12 Lite and

The standard model and the Xiaomi 12 Pro, moreover, should arrive on the market with the new Snapdragon 8 Gen1, the first high-end SoC Qualcomm to marry the new corporate nomenclature, after having abandoned the classic numbering with the Sna

We are also talking about a Xiaomi 12X with Snapdragon 870, but it is all to be confirmed. As for the very high-end Xiaomi 12 Ultra variant, it may take a few months before an official announcement, exactly as happened for the last generation.

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