Xiaomi And Oppo Active On The 200W Fast Charging: Test In Progress, When Will It Arrive?

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Fast charging technology is one of the most important to innovate on smartphones: by implementing the new generation solutions, you can charge devices with extreme speed to obtain sufficient autonomy in a short time. In this context, Xiaomi and OPPO would be actively testing the 200W standard.

He was the famous Digital Chat Station informant through Weibo, a Chinese social network where he is mainly active, but he did not give much details about it. With one of his classic post ‘clear, but not too much, he explained that in the Xiaomi and OPPO plants the teams of technicians are active to repeatedly try the rapid charging to 200W with the aim to implement it as soon as possible on s

In the case of Xiaomi we already know the 200W HyperCharge system shown in May 2021: it is a standard capable of charging a battery from 4,000 mAh from 0 to 100% in eight minutes via cable or wireless in 15 minutes,

At the same time, according to previous rumors spread by DCS, OPPO is experimenting with the 150W SuperVOOC charging to equip it with one of the next Find series, whether it’s the next flagship or the next. Already making the jump to the 200W without first releasing the 150W would be without a doubt a bizarre and unlogical move. In other words, we keep our eyes open for this latest standard before we move to the ambitious 200W.

Finally, returning to the world of Xiaomi, the Chinese manufacturer patented a full-screen fingerprint sensor.

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