Xiaomi: This Is How Xiaomi 12 And 12 Pro’s “Cyber Focus” Feature Works

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Pending the global launch of Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pros, which the insiders believe should arrive shortly, Xiaomi executives explained the operation of the Cyber Focus feature mounted on the 12 series smartphone cameras. Even, one executive said that the same technology was used on Xiaomi CyberDog.

The story of Cyber Focus was explained by Xiaomi’s Senior Vice President, Zeng Xuezhong, who published the story of Xiaomi Cyberdog and Xiaomi’s advanced autofocus on Weibo. According to Zeuzhong, “Xiaomi has surveyed its users, and the most common problem with the camera is that it struggles to keep the focus on the subject properly even after several attempts.”

Xiaomi’s executive explained that some important moments are difficult to capture with the right focus: “From rainbows to sunsets, to the first babies of a mother moving in front of a goal, these scenes are all difficult to capture For this reason, in Xiaomi we thought that the tracking technology of the CyberDog owner called CyberFocus could be implemented to solve the problem even on the flagship cameras of our phones.”

The autofocus of Xiaomi 12, in fact, allows to clearly determine the “borders” of the subject, whether it is human, animal or environmental, so as to no longer have to think about the focusing of the photographs taken. Zeuzhong also explained that Cyber Focus is different from autofocus, which has a limited AI and which is difficult to accurately recognize objects.

Xiaomi also explained that his Photography Engineers tested the feature in many difficult situations, asking the camera to shoot someone who moved quickly his head, or photographing a person who jumped the rope in front of the camera In addition, engineers showed the camera’s potential by photographing the two company dogs of Xiaomi, Peach and Fortune, who live in the company’s offices: find photos of the two dogs in the images at the bottom.

Please note that the Xiaomi 12 line photo smartphone will be Xiaomi 12 Ultra, which may have changed its name to Xiaomi Mi Mix 5 Pro.

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