Yes, Hackers Posted Data Online? Wouldn’t Have Been Paid Ransom

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Do you remember the ransomware attack immediately from SIAE at the end of 2021? Let’s go back to dealing with the topic because of some rumors that suggest that hackers have posted online myriad data.

More specifically, there is a total of about 60GB of data, i.e. those that would have been stolen through the hacker attack that emerged in October 2021. For those who did not know, the story has been going on for some time: apparently, at some point the criminals would even have reached out to the artists via SMS, asking them also a ransom.

In this regard, SIAE had stated that it did not want to pay the ransom. According to the latest rumors, this would have led to the spread of data by hackers, as reported by Wired, who quotes some reports on Twitter. It’s unclear if there’s anyone who paid to get the data. However, if confirmed, the presence of data on the Web could potentially result in access to information from other malicious people.

What data is finite in the middle of the data breach? Reference is also made to identity cards, health cards and IBAN, not to mention personal information, credit card codes, telephone numbers and email addresses. For the time being, there does not seem to have been any official communication from SIAE about the alleged publication of data, but the rumor is spreading rapidly on the Web.

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