Your Photos Will Save The Butterflies From Extinction: Here’s How

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There are 230,000 species of butterflies and moths on Earth. We know a lot of them, all amazing, which are 1 to 30 cm in diameter and live on average 2 weeks. Unfortunately, however, we hardly know the state of 1% of these creatures, but your help could help researchers. Today we want to talk about it.

What we know is that most butterflies and moths are at risk (by the way, butterflies keep their memories of caterpillars?). According to studies, butterflies have halved over the last 10 years. While in 20 years, the population of the Western Monarch has decreased by 98%. Moreover, these insects are not monitored (we had already told you that the Eastern monarch butterflies are likely to disappear forever).

And that’s where you and Friend of the Earth come in. Friend of the Earth is an initiative of the World Organisation for Sustainability that launched a global survey of butterflies as part of a strategy to stop decline and raise awareness about these creatures. The ultimate goal is to save them from extinction. What are you gonna do? Send photos of the butterflies to the researchers.

The way is simple:

All you have to do is send the picture of the creature you will encounter from your side – without scaring or disturbing it – to WhatsApp (at this number +39 351 2522520), along with the coordinates of your location;

Then Friend of the Earth will let you know the name of the species and the information will be stored on an interactive map. Every month the organization will reward the person who has sent the most photographs. In short, with a simple effort you can help these incredible creatures and experts.

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