Youtube Cuts Original Content: Less And Less Originals, You Point To More

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streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have made original content an important strength. Of course, YouTube also has videos not available elsewhere, but some of you will remember the fact that the platform had tried to go further, aiming at the internal realization of original content.

Well, according to the reports of The Verge and Engadget, the focus put by YouTube on so-called Originals is set to fade. In fact, YouTube Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl shared on Twitter an important update related to the division dedicated to this type of content. To make it short, it was decided to put aside some aspects of the initiative in favour of other projects, from the Creator Shorts Fund to Live Shopping, passing through the Black Voices Fund.

This does not mean that the originals content will be totally “deleted” but that YouTube no longer seems to see them as “central.” Translated into money: investments will be made more on other projects, such as those mentioned above, so don’t expect big productions in the Originals area in the recent future. In short, the production of “official” internal content, which goes beyond those loaded every day by Content Creators, does not seem to be excited then so much YouTube, except in the context of initiatives such as the Creator

To understand us, only Black Voices Fund and YouTube Kids Fund projects will be supported economically within the Originals. A change of course. For the rest, the productions already announced should not be subject to change, but the direction taken by YouTube is clear.

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